Shady Succuba (18 K)

The title used to be Shady Incubus, because I didn't know the difference at the time. Sorry, I'll try to keep better track of my otherworldly creatures in the future.

Possibly overrated R for not-very-graphic sex.

The Director is up to her usual tricks, sneaking in on one of her agents at night, just to fluster him. However, this time things don't go exactly as planned ...

Chess and Roses (104 K)

Another crossover, sorry. This time with The X-Files. I felt it was better off under the OaT heading, because if you're not familiar with OaT, you'll miss half the references, whereas if you are, and you were looking for OaT stories, you probably know The X-Files well enough also.

After the Fire (15 K)

After her "three musqueteers" have failed to emerge from an exploding building, the Director realizes something she had not known about herself.