The first four stories were published in Persistance of Time, #2 in July 1998. The fifth was not. 

Bloodstone (54 K)

Adventure six ended badly for our heroic couple. However, some elementals are working together to mount a rescue ...

Bealtaine (71 K)

Ever wonder how Sapphire and Steel became so close? 

Victuals (65 K)

A seemingly innocuous little grocer's shop becomes the starting point of some wild adventures due to a cascade breach in time.

The Fall of Darkness (83 K)

A convoluted riddle in time and space. But if it's solved correctly, perhaps even Tully's fate will come out for the better.

Timeship (244 K)

A multiple crossover between four different universes, as listed in the disclaimer part. As the basis or framework or whatever is Sapphire & Steel, I've put the story in this category.

The ghost of the Mary Celeste seems to be the focal point of a particularly mean time break involving just about everybody from all walks of - time ...

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