Machines, vol. I (219 K)

Machines, vol. II (285 K)

Machines, vol. III (185 K)

Machines is the story of a woman who became a ship, who became a robot ... and her encounters and adventures with other machines, such as a certain pair of synthetic brothers, and eventually also their creator. (Plus just about everyone else ...) 

My Brother's Finder (5 K)

A dialogue between two brothers, after one has saved the other. A story that has sometimes caused readers to jump to conclusions perhaps not warranted.

Back Pages (36 K)

Lore tells his brother all that transpired before the two of them met (again) on the Enterprise.

Android Rights - and Wrongs ... (129 K)

Data's legal status was explored and determined in the episode The Measure of a Man. But what is Lore's?

Hell Hath No Fury ... at All (6 K)

A vision of the Norse afterlife. The default one, that is. Valhalla is the special treatment.